CardioTrak Holter Analysis System 7 days

Name:CardioTrak Holter Analysis System 7 days
3 Channels 7 Days Record:
Internal Clock:
LCD Resolution:12864
Record Frequency:200Hz
Input Impedance:≥10MΩ
Frequency Response:+3dB~-3dB @ 0.05~60Hz
Dynamic Input Range:10 mV, resistance to polarization ± 300mV
Pacemaker Detection:Can identify 2 ~ 300mV, 0.1 ~ 2ms pulse
Data Transmission:External SD card reader or USB data transfer
Memory Card:Supports 2 ~ 32GB SD memory card
Weight:83g without battery
Dimension:91 x 60 x 18 mm

Product Description

Have no idea about what holter is? Click here to learn more. 


High Lights

Automatic analysis accuracy is up to 99.9%
Patented Atrial Fibrillation automatic analysis, accuracy is up to 98%
Download one 24 hours recording within 15 seconds.
Analyze one record within 30 seconds
Smart algorithm, Morphological Recursive Clustering Algorithm

Easy to use, powerful and comprehensive analysis tools

Software Features

ST Level &Tendency
Mean Heart Rate
Maximum Average Heart Rate
Minimum Average Heart Rate
HRV(Frequency &Time domain)

AF automatic analysis 

Powerful Tools

Template analysis

· Distinguish normal, APB, VPB, pacemaker, artifact, questionable templates.  
· Make templates analysis more quickly and easily.

Template fusion

· Merge similar templates. 
· Make the analysis more quickly. 

Chart Analysis

· Automatic AF analysis graph. One-click analysis. Pinpoint AF begin time, duration, min HR
· Max/Min HR. One-click pinpoint Max /Min heart rate
· Diagnostic ECG strips
· Full disclosure ECG strips
· RR, RRI and HR histograms. View and edit the intervals quickly and accurately
· ST tendency chart
· Pacemaker. Analysis list of atrial single chamber, ventricular single chamber, double chambers, uncategorized, manually mark over-sense, failure-of-sense.

Arrhythmia list

· HR event. Tachycardia/Bradycardia
· ST events. ST elevation/depression

User event

· Events detected by software

· Events by event marker

Powerful optional tools(Optional, not included in tender)

· QT
· LP

Report preview

· Automatic  diagnosis
· Reedit ECG strips
· Customized report

Electronic tools: measure ruler, parallel ruler

PDF report

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